Summer in Meribel

You don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t spent time in Meribel and the 3 VALLEYS during summer!
In times where the typical holiday destinations are becoming increasingly crowded. When you can only dream of deserted beaches or imagine them. And when visiting one of the historic European cities is like swimming in a sea of bodies while getting hit by selfie-sticks……you might want to consider changing your habits and spend your precious holidays away from the bustle and hustle of the masses. Meribel Trail

During summer, Meribel doesn’t compare to the winter time at all. There are fewer people. Therefore you’ll find plenty of suitable accommodation easily available and the town is slow and peaceful!
The 3 Valleys are situated in the heart of the Parc National de la Vanoise. You’ll live your passion, no matter if you love hiking in the nature reserve of Lac de Tueda, or you prefer to discover the mountain beauty on your MTB. You can play tennis, golf or just be a spectator of one of the sport events which take place every year.
You can watch summer ski jumping competitions in the Olympic stadium in Courchevel or watch the `Meribel Trail´. The `Meribel Trail´ is an up to 45 km mountain long trail run which just took place this August. France will hold its National Championships in this discipline in Meribel in 2019!
And if your goal is to stay in shape for the coming winters freeride skiing season….. Well, there is no better place to do a little of it than Meribel!
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