no common sense…no skiing

No common sense……no skiing!


We are all craving to indulge in our favorite sport again soon…..skiing!

Though the question which remains is…..will we be able to do so?

So many people work in the winter sport industry and you can imagine that the 3 Valleys and all ski resorts are doing their absolute best to make it happen. They installed everything to live up to the hygiene concepts necessary and introduced numerous guidelines to make sure that skiers can move safely through ski lifts and use public transport.

If you look around yourself in our daily life, public transport and getting around happens everywhere. Since we learned over the last 8 months how to behave accordingly, it’s neither the area nor the place where we are likely to come in contact with the corona virus. Close to others, to protect us and them, we are using masks and hand disinfectant to avoid the risk.

In order to predict possible scenarios for our winter, it was important to watch the southern hemisphere skiing this summer. As far as I was able to research, there haven’t been any incidents or spreads!

But their ski season does not only differ in numbers of skiers or the size of ski resorts. Another aspect is the lesser celebrated après ski which seems to have become such an indispensable parts of our ski culture, seemingly a must for some and a nuisance to others.

No matter how we think about the topic, if we want to ski this winter, it is an absolutely `indispensable´ step that any après-ski in the ski resorts remains prohibited as long as the virus is not defeated!

There cannot be any booze party’s or pub crawl frenzy!

There has to be respect by physical distancing in ski lifts and public transport areas!

There ought to be “Common Sense”!

There won’t be any skiing if there isn’t any “Common Sense”!

If we stick to these rules then we might succeed and make it happen!

After all, being in the mountains, on your skis in the snow, the sunshine and the fresh air, is positively not only the safest place you can be… is undeniably the most enjoyable place you can be!

…and you can be absolutely free from doubt that you don’t catch anything after a face plant!

…do it in the snow!

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