ski sustainably….tune your skis

There you go!

Once you disclosed your interest in skis or any other sport gear on the internet, your mailbox is flooded with ‘pre-season deal’ reminders. The latest boots, and the new ski models which you apparently need to ski better.
I think what these commercials don’t tell you is the fact that most of the time there have been only little design changes. Ski technology isn’t newly invented again every year! Skis and boots, or clothing are often identically reproduced, but now in the latest trendy, hip colors.
Another marketing strategy is to point out the superior quality and longevity of the new stuff. So, if that’s true, why should we buy new gear every year🤔?
Skiing 20 days each winter will not wear out your skis! When they stop performing the way you used to when they were new, it’s because the edges are worn, and the base is blunt!
Just keep them waxed and get them tuned on a professional machine every year, you’ll be surprised how long you are happy with your buddies!

As a ski instructor and guide in Méribel I use some of my skis in the 8th season and they still perform just fine. No need to waste resources!
Invest in a lesson instead…..that’ll improve your skiing! 🤗

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