A review……an outlook!

A review…and an OUTLOOK!

There was hope that life would sooner or later return to normal after an abrupt halt of the winter season 19/20 due to the unprecedented threat of a new virus, which started to spread around the world and some ski resorts. Though there had not been any covid-19 outbreaks in the French Alps at the time, it was inevitable that precautions had to be taken to prevent this, and protect the people!

All in all the severity of the whole thing grew more apparent and confronted us with changes in our lives which had the potential to let people despair. Not only did it have an impact in our professional situation but also on the way we spend recreational time!

As another consequence the skies were temporarily cleared of all airplanes, normal road traffic was minimized and big industries slowed down production of all kind of goods we use too much of anyway! But it seems as if those of us not questioning or denying the existence of the virus learned and is learning how to behave adequately to live a fairly unrestricted life.

The summer season in Meribel and the 3 Valleys is still going and is seeing hikers, mountain biker and since the Col de la Loze is a Tour de France stage finish this year, many road cyclist, tackling the challenge to make it up to the col. A fierce climb over up to 20% steep stretches to the roof of the TDF 2020!

As always, many of the gondolas and chair lifts in the 3 Valleys are operating, some free of charge, to accommodate those who prefer to make it to the summits by more leisurely means. The only requirement of course is to wear a mask in all public transport, including ski lifts and in shops! Additionally it only needs common sense to keep a safe distance and avoid mass gatherings or tight enclosures with an x-amount of people!

That way it’s possible to have a normal stay in Meribel and the 3 Valleys, to enjoy the exceptional mountain beauty and recharge the batteries! This summer in Meribel, I had some keen cycling friends around who had a great time and no regrets whatsoever. If just everybody is reasonable, instead of being a party skier who is hunting crowded bars, it will be possible to come out and do that what we love most!

…do it in the snow!

Ski Thomas 

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