Let’s SKI !!!

There have been some substantial snowfalls in most ski areas over the last weeks and the FIS SKI WorldCup started in Sölden/Austria into a new season this weekend!

These recent events caused a tickle for some, were as others have been waiting desperately to see the first snowflakes fall.
Frankly, I am one of the latter!
Once the rime is gleaming on the roof shingels and you start scratching the windshield after the first frosty nights, the ski enthusiast can’t help it but start dreaming about her/his first SKI turns in the snow!
That’s the moment when most skiers are getting revved up with their training efforts for a fit start into the new winter season.
Yes, it’s a smart idea to prepare yourself adequately. Just imagine the frustration when you’re going for your first untracked powder run and your thighs start to burn so badly that you gotta stop after 5 turns!
Fitness isn’t everything of course. A finely tuned technique is the main ingredient for your powder recipe! So make sure you’ve got all you need for a fun start into the SKI winter 2018!
And guess what…..

….or get ski touring equipment!
do it in the snow… T

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