Off-Piste Skiing in Meribel and The 3 Valleys

Standing on a summit and enjoying a majestic panoramic view, skiing untracked powder, glistening corn snow or entering the realm of extreme off-piste skiing……leaving the busy slopes behind, no matter if to ski a gentle back-bowl or a yawning couloir, venturing into the mountains and exploring the off-piste will create indelible Memories for you!

Safety is an important issue and therefore my freeride and off-piste skiing groups are strictly limited to a number of 6 people! Each skier will be supplied with an avalanche transceiver and the group with an extra backpack including a shovel and first aid kit.

The backcountry of Meribel and The 3 Valleys is vast and offers a seeming endless amount of freeride possibilities. Permanently skiing off-piste to be aware of the snowpack history helps me to make the right choice on the day and be sure that you get the best of it!

Come out… it in the snow!